"Please let me testify"

A reflection on how weed made me better at work and so many other things

Today’s newsletter is a bit more of a story than usual. It’s been on my heart to talk about how weed has helped me be better, specfically at work. At first blush, my work in tech might seem irrelevant to my cannabis work, but I beg to differ. I think weed has made me a better human who is more in touch with herself and that's made me better at my job, despite what the stigma says. Below is a bit about my consumption journey, how it’s helped me improve my mental health, and how that efects how I show up in professional settings. 

Where I started…

Circa 2016-17

When I initially started smoking, it was to ease anxiety and increase my focus. At the time, I probably wouldn’t have called what I experienced “anxiety,” but today, I know that’s exactly what it was.

Consuming slowed my mind down, a welcome respite from my normal obsessive, racy thoughts. I thought smoking made me less uptight and calmer, two things that felt impossible at the time. I thought I just needed to chill out, and it was MY fault that I couldn’t focus on one task or thought. I thought it was my fault it took me days to move on from any feedback that wasn’t overwhelmingly positive. But when I smoked, I experienced a resolve and confidence that undid some of that fault and allowed me to embrace myself, and I knew I deserved for that to be my norm.

This realization hit during a time when I had recently learned I was prone to panic attacks. Again, I had experienced them before but would not have called them “panic attacks.” Some of my lowest, most pivotal moments occurred on the streets of NYC, and this day was one of them. I was headed to work and had a panic attack on the walk to the subway. That moment led to rounds of therapy and psychiatry work that I will say I could only do with the help of cannabis. Smoking helped me cope with the excavation required to understand why I am the way I am, decide who and how I want to be, and then try to be that person even when it makes others upset. Weed literally gave me the courage to be myself and unlocked my passions, personality, and voice. I was shocked by my evolution. In the years leading up to my consumption, I did not feel like I had agency over my life, certainly not as much as I do today. Back then, everything required permission and perfection, which meant I passed up on a lot of things out of fear. I kept my thoughts to myself out of fear of saying the wrong thing or pissing off the wrong person, which was basically ANY person. In hindsight, I think holding everything in made those feels and thoughts literally ooze out of me in the form of tears and gasps for air, and fear that I wouldn’t catch my breath… i.e., panic attacks.

So what does this have to do with work? I had started a new job at the time, and I wanted to be great at it, but the imposter syndrome was REAL. I deserved to be there, but there were all these caveats in my head. Being a good product designer is being a good writer, storyteller, creative, and influencer. Not in the IG sense, but showing how I can influence my team and the company at large if I wanted to succeed. Deep down, I wanted to be good at this work, but I knew my introversion and fear would get the best of me. It always had. I’ve always had “good” jobs because I can ace interviews (I perform well under pressure and know what people want to hear, key people-pleaser behavior. I don’t say this proudly.). Still, in practice, I could not engage with my teammates or the work because I was too afraid of not being perfect, and that fear was damn near debilitating. So much of work in “professional” spaces is about how people perceive you, and if you’re quiet, because you’re different, aka not loud, you don’t get a say in that perception. I hated how people used introversion and extroversion as a marker for intelligence or personality. I knew deep down I was fun and funny and smart, just a little reserved about it. My anxiety kept a hold on “fun me” and made sure she only came out while drinking, which, let me just say, is not for me. I enjoy it sometimes, but I’m not meant to imbibe regularly. Not to mention, I wanted to feel fun, free, and confident without drinking, like when I needed to give a presentation or meet someone new for coffee. My desire to pursue the things that made me anxious pushed me towards cannabis. I started to take my consumption more seriously. I did more strain hunting and Leafly searching to find what might work for me. I asked my connections more questions about what I was buying to get closer to what worked for me and be more mindful about my consumption.

The changes I noticed in myself are what made me passionate about weed. I saw glimpses of who I could be if I stopped caring as much about what other people thought. Moreover, I saw who I was, loved her, and wanted more. After more rounds of therapy, more weed, and more time, I felt more in tune with myself.

Circa 2019

When I moved to Chicago almost two years ago, I was probably the most confident I’d ever been, and little did I know it’d only be up from there, even during the pandemic. I started a new job just before moving and was feeling more confident in my design work. I was more vocal at work and in my personal life, which caused some tough conversations on both fronts, but they too gave me more resolve about who I am, what I deserve, and what I bring to the world. This time was not without its tears and anxiety, but I’d like to think it was mostly in the name of progress.

A few months into my time in Chicago, I started Up in Smoke. This was a telltale sign that I was not the same me I was when I started smoking. It felt so risky, and still, I felt so sure I was meant to start it that I couldn’t not do it. There would be no UiS if not for the confidence weed gave/gives me. I found my voice because of this plant, and now I get to freely share this story with y’all, somewhat unbothered about who reads it because my values about life are the same at work.

My Values

I want to practice radical transparency and sincerity with those I engage with.

I want to celebrate myself and those I love like there’s no tomorrow.

I want to do AMAZING work, make myself proud, and have that work positively impact the world. Yes, that’s cliché, but I’m really excited about my new role and think it has the potential to make the internet a bit safer for marginalized folks. I’m optimistic about that, despite everything to the contrary.

I quote Drake and whoever said it before him all the time, “I’m here for a good time, not a long time.”

I want to laugh and have fun as much as possible.

I do not want to pursue perfection in any form. I’d damn near rather pursue mistakes because I know what the opposite gets me. (This one might need some positive framing, lol, but I also like its realness.)

These are core aspects of who I want to be, and they translate to all of my work. I’m a better teammate, communicator, writer, and creator, because of my consumption. I’m not as afraid of feedback because I’ve worked on my ego a little bit, lol. I’m not afraid to give constructive criticism because I have faith in my ability to express myself in a productive, effective way, and if I fumble, I’m mostly willing to apologize. Before weed and therapy, I might have a mental fit at the idea that I did something wrong and someone might hate me for it. This is not an exaggeration; it’s literally how my brain works. Today, I’m more likely to reach out to the person and ask if we’re good.

The stigma says weed makes us lazy, sedated, dumb, and careless, but I’ve never cared more than I do now. I care about myself and my community more than I ever have. I have more of a capacity to care because I’m not as hung up on everyone else’s opinions. I’m more empathetic and understanding, traits that make me an even better product designer. I’m picky about my work because I care, but I don’t let that keep me from producing, which applies to ALL of my work.

Where I’m at now…

There are still things I want to get better at that I plan to use weed to improve. These include public speaking and asking better questions. My wife is a great question asker/interviewer, and I aspire to engage with new people the way she does. I know weed has already made me way more likely to put myself out there and express interest and curiosity, but I will be actively working on these things as I think about how I want to stand out in my new job. As I write this, I realize my identity has always been very tied to my work, but I didn’t even know my identity until recently. Now those words mean something different. My work and identity feel connected because they’re more aligned, and I operate at work much like how I move through the world.

I am by no means done with my self-work, but I’m so far from where I started that I HAD to share. I don’t know if I’ll ever stop code-switching or caring too much about what other people think, but I hope to make them less frequent occurrences. Sometimes I catch myself being what I’d call “too authentic” and laugh to myself. I guess you could say I like my personality how I like my weed….full spectrum. * 🎤 drop * lolol

Do you want to testify? Let me know how weed helps you work, whatever “work” means to you. I’m thinking of making a carousel of quotes about weed + work. If you’re down, send me a quote and any info you want me to include.



* Editor’s Note: I’m trying out a Tuesday publish date so I don’t kick my week off in a panic.*

Happy 4/20!

It's 4/20 and the one year anniversary of Up in Smoke!

Happy 4/20, Friends!

I’ve wanted to write about weed and travel for a while but considering my cannabis writing journey started during the pandemic, that wasn’t possible until recently. I’m happy to report that I’ve been on a three-week break between jobs, during which I spent five days in LA. This was my first time in LA as a cannabis consumer, and it was heavenly. Read on for a trip recap.

So, I flew with my bong for the first time. I couldn’t imagine going to Cali and not having glass to properly experience the flower I planned to try, so I had to bring a bong. I made sure it was clean and carried it in a bong bag (yes, they exist) to keep it safe. The bong bag was one of my carry-ons, and no one asked me anything about it, which was great.

When we landed, my friend sent me a link about LAX’s policy on traveling with cannabis products. My one piece of advice (I am not an expert or recommending you travel with products, but if you do) is to put products in your checked bag. Cannabis is still federally illegal. Once I understood the rules, we were ready to go.

Our first stop was MedMen. Not my favorite dispensary, but they had Viola on sale, and I HAD to try one of the few Black-owned cannabis brands in the country. Determined to put my friends on to a dispensary that wasn’t a behemoth, I searched for a smaller shop and discovered The Artist Tree. The Artist Tree touts itself as being LGBTQ+ friendly, and I was greeted by a diverse, knowledgeable staff, a welcome change from my dispo experiences at home. The product selection was vast, the space was inviting and artsy, and the budtenders were helpful. It was such a stand-out experience we went back before we left. Pro-Tip: If you visit LA, go to The Artist Tree and tell them Google sent you to save 30% on your first visit.

When I travel, my goal is always to try stuff I can’t easily get or haven’t tried before. This applies to food, activities, and weed, of course. With this in mind, I set out to get a variety of products that I’m excited to share.


I’m a gummies girl through and through. My love for candy made it easy for me to embrace gummies, and the rest is history.

  1. Wyld 2:1 Peach Gummies. I’m a sucker for a 2:1 because CBD works really well for me when paired with THC.

  2. 710 Labs Hash Rosin Gummi. Hash and Rosin are some of the most concentrated forms of cannabis, so infusing them in gummies makes them more potent. 710 Labs is also known for quality across all their product categories, so they’re a fave brand of mine.

  3. Rose Delights Alphonso Mango. These are also rosin infused but what caught my eye was the mango flavor and the packaging. I haven’t tried these yet, but I’m looking forward to them.

  4. Kiva Lost Farms Live Resin Gummies. I’ve been stalking them online since they released and finally got my hands on a few flavors. I love that they’re strain-specific. I opted for Do-Si-Dos and Super Lemon Haze, a potent indica and sativa, respectively.

Camino needed its own section because the gummies are just that tasty and effective for those with moderate tolerances. The Wild Cherry Excite gummies are great for socializing. The Yuzu Balance gummies are a nice 1:1 that eases anxiety, and the Chill is like a hybrid with cerebral and physical effects.


I recently got back into dabbing and have realized that I prefer solventless concentrates, both because of the taste and the cleanliness of the products. I was excited to explore the Cali options because IL dispensaries don’t really have rosin or water hash.

  1. Connected Cannabis Blueberry Biscotti. I love Blueberry crosses because they're so calming, and I also really enjoy Connected Cannabis, so this was a no-brainer.

  2. 710 Labs Rosin. I got Lemon Heads #4, Banana Punch, and Cherry Noir + Bluniverse. Their concentrates are some of the cleanest, tastiest I’ve had, so I chose strains based on terpenes. Lemon is perfect for starting my day, banana is good for getting out of a midday slump, and Cherry Noir sounds like a great nightcap.

  3. Cannatique Blueberry Cruffin Tincture. I have raved about Blueberry Cruffin flower on IG, so I knew I had to have this tincture when I saw it.


I didn’t get to take any pictures of the Viola because I bought two eighths on my first day and smoked both before the end of the trip. I tried Wedding Cake and J1, both of which were a few months old, hence the sale, but had great effects. The J1 tasted like a bite out of a clementine and was the perfect vacay wake and bake strain.

Cali truly has too many quality options so spending my money wisely wasn’t hard, but choosing from all the options was. These are the strains that made the cut.

  1. 710 Labs. I’m finally venturing into new 710 territory! The budtenders who sold me the flower were adamant that it was some of the best I’d try and told me they typically sell out fast, and it’s hard to find. I know they’re right, so that’s what I’ll be smoking to celebrate 4/20. My strain picks were Stardawg Pie, a sativa-leaning Grape Pie cross, and Tester 51, a high CBD Blueberry cross.

  2. Alien Labs - Atomic Apple. Apple strains are Alien Labs are two go-to’s.

  3. Cannabiotix Strawberry Lemonade. I mean, the name sold me. I’ve also heard great things about Cannabiotix.

  4. Connected Cannabis Guava 2.0. I don’t typically buy prerolls because many cultivators use shake or machine-fill them, and it impacts the quality, but I knew I’d be out and about while traveling, so I figured I’d grab some just in case. Also, the fact that they're from a cultivator I know and love, I felt good about trying them. I didn’t end up consuming them until I was back home, but these packed a serious punch.

*None of this content is sponsored. I purchased everything with my own $ and any thoughts I share are my own, honest opinions.*


I went on this trip to clear my head of pandemic fuzz, be inspired, and have a good time. I accomplished all of those things and more. I waked and baked and journaled, which was cathartic and a practice I’d like to bring into my daily routine. I also went on a hi(gh)ke. I can’t stress how much I love experiencing nature while elevated. I might really be becoming a natural girl. Invite me on hikes, walks, just nothing too risky, LOL.

Lastly, I want to thank you all for sticking around over the past year. Today makes one year of Up in Smoke the newsletter, and I’m proud to have built such an awesome community of folks. Your words and notes and clouds keep me going and make me feel like I’m where I’m supposed to be. I am beyond grateful for your presence and support. Cheers to another year of great writing, creating, smoking, and connecting!

Your ouid friend,


Spring Smokes

Strains I can't get enough of this spring and a note 😊

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been waiting for the weather to break since last summer ended. Seriously, the winter plus pandemic wasn’t kind to me, and I’m so happy to be inching out of my seasonal depressive slump. When I find myself down, I often turn away from weed as opposed to towards it. I’ve probably said this before, but I don’t like medicating when I’m feeling down, and sometimes it can feel like a chore to figure out WHAT to consume, so I just don’t.

Now that the sun is playing peek-a-boo with us and 60-degree days are practically the norm, I’ve been seeking out uplifting, balanced hybrids to match the sunny vibes, boost my mood, and reduce my anxiety. Behold my strain recommendations for spring activities like “picnic in the park with friends,” “rosé at the beach,” or the dreaded Spring cleaning. I’ve posted about both of these strains on Insta, but they feel even more timely now that spring has sprung.


Mac 1, or Miracle Alien Cookies 1, has a pastry-like flavor profile with hints of citrus. The flavor is yum, but for me, that’s secondary to the effects. I carry my anxiety and stress in my body in the form of aches and chest discomfort, but MAC 1 nips that right in the bud with its relaxing body effects. That, coupled with mental clarity and the ability to be present, make MAC 1’s effects a triple threat for me. I love this strain so much I bought it in vape cart form—y’all know I don’t fancy vaping— because I need that on-the-go relief. If you’re anxiety-prone and need assistance unwinding, MAC 1 might be the feel-good strain you need to make the most of Spring.

Mandarin Cookies

Mandarin Cookies took me by surprise the first time I tried it because the effects were uncomfortably cerebral and made me sleepy, despite what the Leafly description said. 🙄😂 In the spirit of not judging a strain by one experience, I decided to try it again, this time from a different cultivator, and what a difference it made! Mandarin Cookies brings out my lust for life! It truly feels like sunshine after a really long rainy season, aka a pandemic. This strain made me feel like myself. The me I am when I’m not depleted. The me I am when I’m confident in who and what I am, despite the really shitty state of the world. I never fly through strains, but this one was gone in a week, and it only lasted that long because I was trying to be modest. The right cut of Mandarin Cookies is euphoric without the racy brain effects, perfect for floating through the weekend with folks you haven’t seen in a year. 😊

A Note

I wrote the above, and it felt flat because while I did want to share my spring strain round up, those thoughts are secondary to the extreme burnout I’m feeling. Work has been unfulfilling and draining. Luckily, I got a new job, which I’m super excited about, but of course, now I'm worried that I won't be able to focus when I start, thanks to my brain on pandemic.

Up in Smoke was once my respite, and now it feels like work. I can't bring myself to sit in front of a computer and create. It doesn't bring me joy the way it used to. I feel bad delaying the newsletter or not posting on Instagram, but I don't have the motivation to create anything. Even thinking about it induces anxiety and starts an internal audio track about how I owe myself rest. I've been wrestling with knowing the difference between when I need/deserve rest vs. when I need to find inspiration to create again. Not adhering to my self-imposed deadlines often feels like taking the easy way out, but I also know I'm prone to overcommitment on all fronts. I’d love to do some content planning while I’m off work, but I’m not going to set unrealistic expectations for myself. Instead, I’m taking another break until at least 4/20, the first anniversary of the newsletter, and the day after I start my new job. I hope that my time off from everything is fun, restful, and just what I need to get back to myself. If you’re experiencing anything remotely close to what I described above, I hope you find time to rest, move, and laugh. We all deserve it!

Hang in there, bbs! I really hope we’re on the verge of a more open world, a more inspired me, and a happier you!

Until 4/20,


Conscious cannabis

...whatever that means in the age of Big Cannabis

Hii! Long time no see, hear, speak, haha. As I’ve said countless times on Insta, I’ve been extremely overwhelmed the past six weeks or so. Many things needed tending to at once, and I felt like I was putting out fires left and right. Now that that’s slowly winding down, I’m happy to be back in the mood to write. I also appreciate those of you who reached out about missing this letter in your inbox. It was nice to have my absence felt. Thank you for rocking with my ebbs and flows; I truly appreciate you all. 🙏🏾

This week I want to chat about a topic that’s been top of mind for a few weeks, but I haven’t had the time to process my thoughts until now.

I get many questions about shopping consciously, and to be honest, there are no dispensaries in Chicago that I’ve been to that I’d recommend at this point. I recently learned that my go-to dispensary in Chicago, The Herbal Care Center (THC), has been acquired by Verano, a company run by a guy who thought it was appropriate to have his dog sport a MAGA hat during the protests last summer. I was anti-Verano before this acquisition, but their latest business venture has left me with no local medical dispensary to shop at. I can’t, in good faith, keep supporting THC, knowing Verano is involved. This makes me sad because I really liked the staff at THC. They knew me by name, always had great energy, and were more organized than other medical dispensaries I’ve visited in the city. THC was my last option after Ascend, another multi-state operator (MSO), acquired MOCA, where I used to work, and proceeded to mass fire employees of color.


A little background on MSOs. In totally not scientific terms, multi-state operators (MSOs) are like the Amazon or Walmart of cannabis companies. Many are seeking to own every aspect of production, from seed to sale. They will acquire small, family-owned companies to further boost their footprint across states, which sets them up for success if and when federal legalization occurs. The existence of MSOs flies in the face of social equity programs. Illinois has been touted as the best social equity program to date. I cringe every time I read that because our social equity licenses have been delayed due to corruption in the scoring process. The MSOs have already gotten to claim their prime real estate, many of whom are also participating in the social equity license lottery due to one of the many workarounds that allow Black and brown people to be left out of this process too. Look up #msogang on Twitter, and you’ll discover a long list of white faces who are proud to be a part of the movement to keep cannabis homogenous.

Ok, ok, back to the point.

Illinois has no majority-minority-owned dispensaries, no black-owned dispensaries, and the few options we have are owned by folks who find humor in Black pain and could not care less about the communities they move into. I won’t get into how BIPOC employees are treated if they are fortunate enough to be hired by dispensaries. That’s a conversation for another day. One of the perks of running Up in Smoke is that people love talking to me about the industry; this includes telling me about negative experiences they’ve had working for cultivators and dispensaries, even the most beloved places. So yes, I’m quite cynical about this, but I hope you can see why.

I have no desire to promote any dispensary in Chicago. Squaring that with my desire to get the IL cannabis scene some national recognition is hard, but I have to do what feels right. Some have said it’s my responsibility to educate people on the lack of equity in the IL market. To that, I say an emphatic hell no. Black women are often relegated to uncover the systems that oppress us. Not only is that risky, hello I live in the third most corrupt state in the country, but I also have no desire to write the same old story we see in every other industry. That’s not to say I don’t feel a responsibility, but I’m going to need the people who created these problems to show up and do the work. I’ve shared more than enough for those who want to know more to do their research, and so today, I’m asking for your help.

I can only reach so many people, so I’m asking you, regardless of what state you're in, to find out who owns the dispensaries and brands you like. Too often, I only see this research done and shared by other BIPOC folks who the industry has harmed, but rarely the allies who benefit from their services or consume their content. It’s not fair that they have to share their trauma in the midst of trying to rebuild their lives and find new jobs. So if you’re reading this, please, please, please do your homework on your canna brands and then share what you learned. In IL, most roads/brands lead to big names like Ascend, Cresco, GTI, and Verano. If you see your fave products from Cali in a dispensary in another state, it’s probably because an MSO distributes them. What you do with this information is up to you, but the first step is awareness.

Also, I don’t want to imply that all MSOs are as bad as Verano. Still, I want to be clear that the resounding sentiment about many MSOs is that they don’t care about product quality, equity, or fair practices for their employees. The current state of the legal market in Illinois is emblematic of what is to come if cannabis is federally legalized. For that reason, I’m interrogating whether I support federal legalization. It stands to reason that there will be more of what we’ve already experienced, especially because we’ve seen equity issues in other recently legalized states (see NJ). Many states can’t handle the current responsibility they have to atone for the war on drugs; surely, they’re not ready for more responsibility and bigger cash influxes.

I realize I came in hot after a hiatus, so if you’ve made it this far, thanks for going on a tour of my brain. I haven’t posted on IG in ages, so there’s nothing new in that realm. I’m not letting anything go this week because I need to build up a practice of rest, so that’s what I’m going to try to pick up in the coming weeks. I have burned myself out on all fronts, and I need to pour into myself.

Until next time,


The fun meds!

Finding the right ritual for my mornings


I hope I’m finding you in a peaceful moment, but if not, please find time to take some deep breaths and move your body. I return to these fundamental activities when I’m overwhelmed, which seems to be a daily thing around here.

In the last newsletter, I wrote about how cannabis is fun even if it’s medicine, and in the weeks since, I’ve found myself a bit lost about how it fits into my daily routine. Weed has always been a feel-good tool for me. I’ve used it to relieve anxiety, nausea, migraines, and to feel better, in a broad sense. Despite knowing it can help with all these things, I don’t enjoy feeling like I’m “self-medicating” when I consume. The term self-medicating has a negative connotation, but the cannabis space doesn’t leave us much choice. I’m not saying I want someone to dose out my products for me, but it’d be nice to have some science-backed help. There is no recommended dose based on my personal experiences and needs, just guesstimation, trial and error, and word of mouth. Because of the connotation of self-medicating, I don’t enjoy turning to cannabis when I’m sad or depressed. Maybe there are still some remnants of the stigma in my mind, but I consistently choose to feel my way through the sadness, and when it subsided a bit, then I consume. This method is fine, I guess, but I want to find a way to get what I need during the day without feeling like I’m doing something wrong.

I also find myself using cannabis as a reward for focusing or being productive when I could be using it to help me get through the tasks I currently have minimal motivation or energy to do. I know I’ve been depressed over the last month, and that’s made my weed and new glass way less enjoyable. It’s safe to say doing the same thing for a year is bound to make that thing lose its luster, but in this very stressful, quarantined season of my life, it feels like the last little thing I had carved out for me, no longer brings me joy and that sucks.

All this got me thinking about how my other medicine fits into my life. I find that my current behavior related to smoking is similar to how I take my prescription medications— I have spurts of consistency that make my meds effective. Other times I use them haphazardly, and it’s way less effective. The difference is, with my meds, I know exactly what and how much to take. Cannabis is the complete opposite. I love trying new products, but what I need now more than ever is a suite of tried and true products to calm my mind, help me focus, and maybe give a boost of energy. Right now, I can’t pinpoint where the medicinal ends and the fun begins, and I’m not even sure I’m reaping either of those benefits right now. I’m at an impasse that results in me suffering anxiously through the day with occasional CBD flower tokes and not consuming THC until the evening, mostly to come down from my high strung day. Maybe it’s that cannabis is no match for the stress and exhaustion I currently feel; I’m open to that as a possibility as well. All I know is, I don’t feel well, and I want to find routines and rituals to help me start my day feeling more grounded and motivated, cannabis-related or not.

As a self-proclaimed astrology stan, I would be remiss if I didn’t note that the planets have been hassling me to update my daily routines for months now, and I’ve slowly started doing it. So, friends, I’m coming to you in hopes of crowd-sourcing ideas for how I can hack my cannabis consumption and my mornings in a way that sets me up for better days. What are your favorite products, strains, rituals for the morning? I know I say this every time, but PLEASE reply to this email if you have any tips.

Occasionally I do a temp check on my IG story to get the vibe of the community. Today, my temp is low or high or whatever indicates that I’m TIRED 🥵, hence this condensed newsletter. I know I’m not alone in my exhaustion and general sadness because I’ve seen countless tweets affirming my feels on the Internet lately, and while it’s unnerving that so many people feel the way I do, it’s nice knowing I’m not alone.

What’s your temp like these days?

Thanks for reading!


P.S. - As the Youtubers say, don’t forget to smash that like button and share. 😊🙏🏾

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