Happy 4/20!

It's 4/20 and the one year anniversary of Up in Smoke!

Happy 4/20, Friends!

I’ve wanted to write about weed and travel for a while but considering my cannabis writing journey started during the pandemic, that wasn’t possible until recently. I’m happy to report that I’ve been on a three-week break between jobs, during which I spent five days in LA. This was my first time in LA as a cannabis consumer, and it was heavenly. Read on for a trip recap.

So, I flew with my bong for the first time. I couldn’t imagine going to Cali and not having glass to properly experience the flower I planned to try, so I had to bring a bong. I made sure it was clean and carried it in a bong bag (yes, they exist) to keep it safe. The bong bag was one of my carry-ons, and no one asked me anything about it, which was great.

When we landed, my friend sent me a link about LAX’s policy on traveling with cannabis products. My one piece of advice (I am not an expert or recommending you travel with products, but if you do) is to put products in your checked bag. Cannabis is still federally illegal. Once I understood the rules, we were ready to go.

Our first stop was MedMen. Not my favorite dispensary, but they had Viola on sale, and I HAD to try one of the few Black-owned cannabis brands in the country. Determined to put my friends on to a dispensary that wasn’t a behemoth, I searched for a smaller shop and discovered The Artist Tree. The Artist Tree touts itself as being LGBTQ+ friendly, and I was greeted by a diverse, knowledgeable staff, a welcome change from my dispo experiences at home. The product selection was vast, the space was inviting and artsy, and the budtenders were helpful. It was such a stand-out experience we went back before we left. Pro-Tip: If you visit LA, go to The Artist Tree and tell them Google sent you to save 30% on your first visit.

When I travel, my goal is always to try stuff I can’t easily get or haven’t tried before. This applies to food, activities, and weed, of course. With this in mind, I set out to get a variety of products that I’m excited to share.


I’m a gummies girl through and through. My love for candy made it easy for me to embrace gummies, and the rest is history.

  1. Wyld 2:1 Peach Gummies. I’m a sucker for a 2:1 because CBD works really well for me when paired with THC.

  2. 710 Labs Hash Rosin Gummi. Hash and Rosin are some of the most concentrated forms of cannabis, so infusing them in gummies makes them more potent. 710 Labs is also known for quality across all their product categories, so they’re a fave brand of mine.

  3. Rose Delights Alphonso Mango. These are also rosin infused but what caught my eye was the mango flavor and the packaging. I haven’t tried these yet, but I’m looking forward to them.

  4. Kiva Lost Farms Live Resin Gummies. I’ve been stalking them online since they released and finally got my hands on a few flavors. I love that they’re strain-specific. I opted for Do-Si-Dos and Super Lemon Haze, a potent indica and sativa, respectively.

Camino needed its own section because the gummies are just that tasty and effective for those with moderate tolerances. The Wild Cherry Excite gummies are great for socializing. The Yuzu Balance gummies are a nice 1:1 that eases anxiety, and the Chill is like a hybrid with cerebral and physical effects.


I recently got back into dabbing and have realized that I prefer solventless concentrates, both because of the taste and the cleanliness of the products. I was excited to explore the Cali options because IL dispensaries don’t really have rosin or water hash.

  1. Connected Cannabis Blueberry Biscotti. I love Blueberry crosses because they're so calming, and I also really enjoy Connected Cannabis, so this was a no-brainer.

  2. 710 Labs Rosin. I got Lemon Heads #4, Banana Punch, and Cherry Noir + Bluniverse. Their concentrates are some of the cleanest, tastiest I’ve had, so I chose strains based on terpenes. Lemon is perfect for starting my day, banana is good for getting out of a midday slump, and Cherry Noir sounds like a great nightcap.

  3. Cannatique Blueberry Cruffin Tincture. I have raved about Blueberry Cruffin flower on IG, so I knew I had to have this tincture when I saw it.


I didn’t get to take any pictures of the Viola because I bought two eighths on my first day and smoked both before the end of the trip. I tried Wedding Cake and J1, both of which were a few months old, hence the sale, but had great effects. The J1 tasted like a bite out of a clementine and was the perfect vacay wake and bake strain.

Cali truly has too many quality options so spending my money wisely wasn’t hard, but choosing from all the options was. These are the strains that made the cut.

  1. 710 Labs. I’m finally venturing into new 710 territory! The budtenders who sold me the flower were adamant that it was some of the best I’d try and told me they typically sell out fast, and it’s hard to find. I know they’re right, so that’s what I’ll be smoking to celebrate 4/20. My strain picks were Stardawg Pie, a sativa-leaning Grape Pie cross, and Tester 51, a high CBD Blueberry cross.

  2. Alien Labs - Atomic Apple. Apple strains are Alien Labs are two go-to’s.

  3. Cannabiotix Strawberry Lemonade. I mean, the name sold me. I’ve also heard great things about Cannabiotix.

  4. Connected Cannabis Guava 2.0. I don’t typically buy prerolls because many cultivators use shake or machine-fill them, and it impacts the quality, but I knew I’d be out and about while traveling, so I figured I’d grab some just in case. Also, the fact that they're from a cultivator I know and love, I felt good about trying them. I didn’t end up consuming them until I was back home, but these packed a serious punch.

*None of this content is sponsored. I purchased everything with my own $ and any thoughts I share are my own, honest opinions.*


I went on this trip to clear my head of pandemic fuzz, be inspired, and have a good time. I accomplished all of those things and more. I waked and baked and journaled, which was cathartic and a practice I’d like to bring into my daily routine. I also went on a hi(gh)ke. I can’t stress how much I love experiencing nature while elevated. I might really be becoming a natural girl. Invite me on hikes, walks, just nothing too risky, LOL.

Lastly, I want to thank you all for sticking around over the past year. Today makes one year of Up in Smoke the newsletter, and I’m proud to have built such an awesome community of folks. Your words and notes and clouds keep me going and make me feel like I’m where I’m supposed to be. I am beyond grateful for your presence and support. Cheers to another year of great writing, creating, smoking, and connecting!

Your ouid friend,